Wine Luthier wins Bodegas Emilio Moro´s Innovation Award and will draw the taste of their wines.

The second edition of the Bodegas Emilio Moro Innovation Award received more than 100 entries and had 5 finalist startups….

We are Carbon Proof Certified

Declaring our Carbon Footprint on a voluntary basis anticipates the imminent regulatory regularisation of its calculation, and introduces us into…

Wine Luthier’s personalized recommendation technology integrated into the online store of HAWESKO, Central Europe’s largest wine distributor.

“Wein-ID” – No more disappointments in the wine glass. Turning customers into wine discoverers in online sales has its pitfalls….

The Neleman range created for Jumbo with Wine Luthier technology, a best-seller

Neleman wines are inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. Derrick Neleman, its founder, brings a modern approach to winemaking while respecting…

23% average increase in sales of Bodegas Enguera with Wine Luthier technology

Bodegas Enguera is an organic family winery whose third generation is committed to R&D in organic agriculture, winery production and…

Bodegas Enguera and Wine Luthier join forces to launch Bodegas Enguera 360º

Un innovador modelo B2B, que potencia el crecimiento empresarial y mejora la experiencia del cliente

Case Study:
Bodegas Torre Oria

Bodegas Torre Oria is one company that strives for continuous excellence in their brands and business processes. In an attempt…

Wine Luthier helps wine industry tackle climate change

We are launching a technology that predicts possible changes in vintages Wine Luthier has reached an agreement with the Rubio-Yeramian…

Wine Luthier can Picture the Taste™

We are the first tool that transforms objective analytical data of a wine into a drawing that accurately defines its…

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