Neleman wines are inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. Derrick Neleman, its founder, brings a modern approach to winemaking while respecting the spirit of the ancient vineyards.

100% organic, 100% vegan wines, they offset their CO2 emissions by planting trees in Natural Parks in the Valencian Community.

Since 2021, six new Spanish organic wines from Neleman have been on the wine shelf of the more than 700 Jumbo stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. Jumbo is a sustainability-minded company and there was still room for improvement in the wine section and in particular with the Spanish wines. That was what increased Neleman’s focus. Today, its success in sales is a fact.

How do you decide exactly what wine profile a buyer will want in a particular market?

To make the wines, they used the innovative Wine Luthier technology, which through its operating system is able to position the world’s top selling wines in the Wine Positioning System™ (WPS). This map is drawn on four taste axes: on the vertical axis, Crisp, which indicates acidity;, versus Sweet which indicates sweetness; on the horizontal axis, Mellow which explains the length of mouthfeel or Grip, which indicates shortness.

To identify the opportunity in the desired market segment, different successful wines were purchased, tasted and analyzed in order to pinpoint the exact profiles with which to go to market.


This system for identifying market trends and detailed wine profiles with Wine Luthier WPS, and the ongoing collaboration, led to a research and development phase, a wine creation phase and rapid commercial success.

Once the results were obtained in the WPS, the appropriate profile was identified, Neleman acquired the best varieties, according to studies of the profile sold in the area and the Jumbo supermarket chain. In addition, the average price of similar products was analyzed and they were between €6 and €8, so prices were set between €5.99 and €7.99, depending on the wine.

Go-to Market

The new range of Neleman organic wines in Jumbo includes:

•Neleman Verdejo (white)

•Neleman Macabeo Chardonnay (white)

•Neleman Tempranillo rosé

•Neleman Cava Brut, Spanish sparkling wine

•Neleman Tempranillo (red)

•Neleman Garnacha (red)

Made in their winery near Valencia, organic, vegan, without additives, pure nature. In addition, the wines have a novelty: this range of organic wines Neleman is the first one with a climate footprint. Using CarbonCloud their CO2 emissions map the entire production process.

The wines have a unique label made up of two graphic dolls. These represent friendship, but also union, working together with nature, celebrating a special moment with a glass of wine and making the world a better place together.

Sales have been a huge success almost immediately. In just one year on the market, sales have soared to over 600.000 units.

It is worth mentioning the rosé, which accounted for 40% of the total sales of the entire Jumbo range. It is made from Tempranillo. When the grapes are fully ripe, harvesting is carried out in the middle of the night. This ensures that the fresh aromas of the grapes are at their best. After a brief skin contact, the wine acquires its desired pale pink color. Flavors of strawberry, currant and violet can be tasted. It is light and refreshing, with ripe melon, almonds and fennel.