Declaring our Carbon Footprint on a voluntary basis anticipates the imminent regulatory regularisation of its calculation, and introduces us into the group of pioneering organisations in the field of climate change.

Being certified with the CPC® seal identifies us as an entity that actively fights against Climate Change. At a corporate level, it is a key element of our Environmental CSR, which gives us weight at an international level. Knowing the Carbon Footprint will allow us to reduce costs, as it reflects how the available resources are used, thus being able to detect the keys to improve our energy and economic efficiency.

A Corporate Social Responsibility in Environment project that unites several companies from all over the Valencian Community. The objective will be common: to reforest and manage the forest mass of Natural Parks in the Valencian Community. In this way we will increase the CO2 fixation capacity, we will strengthen and improve the biodiversity of the Parks and we will contribute to the achievement of the GHG emission reduction targets proposed by the European Union.