No matter who your customers are, Picture the Taste™ they enjoy

Simplify complexity

We have developed the only Operating System for the wine sector. We help oenological decision-making by providing:

-Objective data that allows us to design wines tailored to the market in order to better serve customers and consumers.
- Objective data to keep the identity of each bottling, batch and vintage constant.
- Increase sales.
- Loyalty.

Picture the Taste™

Based on 22 analytical parameters, our AI visualises the customer’s perceived taste of any wine, representing it according to its 4 main axes: the acidity impression of a wine, Crisp; the impression of sweetness, Sweet; the impression of long taste, Mellow;  the impression of short taste, Grip.

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    Any given

  2. 2

    Physical and chemical data

    Raw data contained in wine

  3. 3


    Relevant information is obtained from the data

  4. 4

    Picture the Taste™

    Our algorithms picture the shape of taste

  5. 5

    Maps of wines

    Locate any wine on our Wine Positioning System™

Wine Positioning System™

The individual taste balance of each wine is represented in our Wine Positioning System™ (WPS) which accurately describes the taste differences between any number of wines and allows us to offer solutions.

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  • Wine Retailers

    Build customer loyalty and improve margins

    By positioning wines in the WPS and cross-referencing each position with sales, you can effectively analyse the demographics behind particular wine preferences. In addition, you can compare it with the competition, providing useful information for your buying team.

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  • Online Wine Retailers

    Improve your customer's shopping experience by building customer loyalty

    By positioning wines on the WPS and cross-referencing each customer's recurring sales with their position on the map, you can recommend specific wines that they are sure to enjoy. You will also be able to know that the wines you receive actually match the wines ordered and offer consistency of taste to the consumer.

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  • Wine Producers

    Know the trends and maintain consistent quality in every batch.

    By positioning the portfolio in the WPS and comparing it with wines produced by the best sellers in each market, you will be able to adapt the taste profile of a wine to match successful wines. Positioning wines before bottling allows you to work on the blend to ensure consistent consumer satisfaction.

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We work with the leading importers and producers in Italy, Spain, France, Holland, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Georgia, US, Chile and Argentina.

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A human and experienced team, made up of winemakers, data scientists, designers and engineers, committed to create innovative solutions through constant research.

More about Us
  • Diego Fernández

    Founder & CEO

    Agronomist. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Diplôme Nacional d’Oenologie (DNO). Ecole Nationale d’Agrnomie de Montpellier.

    Prestigious Valencian oenologist, with more than 20 years of experience in viticulture, winemaking and commercialization of wine. He was convinced that oenology should not continue working based only on subjective criteria and that data analysis, mathematics and data science had to overcome in the world of wine. That´s how WINE LUTHIER was created.

  • Marcelino Ferri

    AI Manager

    Agronomist. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. University Professor. UPV Applied Physics Department

    Dedicated to the numerical calculation applied to different areas of sensory perception. He developed the thesis “Application of fuzzy algebra to the evaluation of sound quality”. He belongs to research, development and innovation groups. Develops numerical methods for the modelling of dynamic systems, for the optimisation of multi-objective processes and for the analysis of perceptual data. Together with Diego, he developed the algorithm system that uses Wine Luthier technology.

  • Gonzalo Medina

    Oenology Manager

  • Lía Martínez

    Laboratory technique and administration

  • Rosalía Rodríguez

    Laboratory Technique and Enology

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