WINE LUTHIER is a technology company that has achieved what seemed impossible: drawing the shape and volume of the taste, purely based on physical and chemical data.

A bit of history

Diego Fernández Pons is a prestigious Valencian winemaker, with more than 20 years of experience in viticulture, winemaking and the commercialization of wine. When he tasted a wine, he saw its shape in his head. He coordinates the master sommelier specialist in Valencian wines organized by the Regulatory Council of the PDO Valencia, and in his classes he always explains to the students that they have to visualize the taste because only what is seen is understood. Human beings only understand what they see, our brain names each object it visualizes, but not what other senses perceive.

His experience as a winemaker, buyer for European importers and project manager for European supermarkets made him realise that oenology couldn´t work based only on subjective criteria and that data analysis, mathematics, data science had to prevail in the world of wine. So, he got in touch with professionals in the field of mathematics and computer science, as well as physical and chemical analysis. That´s how WINE LUTHIER was created, a unique technology with which, after 8 years of research, we have made a database of thousands and thousands of wines that allows with a click, and from quantifiable physical and chemical data, to draw the taste of a wine.

Why “Wine Luthier”

WINE LUTHIER took this name as an tribute to the wine producer (Wine) and the tuner and instrument maker (Luthier). As its name indicates, we have created an instrument that can offer objective information about a wine to oenologists and winemakers, as well as to wine retailers, given them the tools to better refine their work.

We don´t say whether a wine is good or bad, because that depends on the emotional response of each individual consumer. What we do is draw the taste of the wine individually. We compare it with all the wines in the world and consumer trends. In this way we allow producers and retailers to use our information to know exactly what types of wines they should offer to consumers.

Picture the Taste™

At WINE LUTHIER we picture the taste of wine. When we receive a wine at the laboratory, we do a complete analysis of a series of parameters, with the most advanced technology.

They are introduced into a software that draws the wine in 4D mathematics and converts it to 2D so that it can be visually understood and located in the Wine Positioning System (WPS). With all the data we represent four values: The acidity impression of a wine: Crisp; the impression of volume in the mouth: Soft; the impression of sweetness: Sweet and the impression of solidity: Grip.

After that, we quantify it from 0-10 to establish an objective hierarchy. From there, we are able to compare the percentage difference between that wine and the rest of the wines in the world. We obtain a lot of objective information of great value for the industry.

We even have an algorithm that gives you the deposits to assemble and tells you in what percentage you should do it so that the taste is the one you need.

Wine Positioning System™ (WPS)

Comparing a large number of wines requires a different tool: the Wine Positioning System™. Through the WPS, our algorithms place each wine on a map indicating its individual taste profile. With this we can compare all the wines and cross them with their sales, competitors or similar wines.

What can we do with WPS:

  • Build clusters of similar wines from a portfolio.
  • Compare a wine with previous vintages or lots.
  • Compare a wine with its competitors.
  • And a multitude of other applications.

Soil-Climate-Wine style

We have an agreement with the Rubio-Yeramian Laboratory of Aranda de Duero. With this collaboration we use their Mosaic™ technology and we cross our WPS and wine polygons with the climatic and edaphic metadata of the production areas, establishing an accurate relationship between soil-climate-wine style.

Once this analogy is studied, we monitor the climate of the vintage and we can predict the style that will result and give wine recommendations in real time if we see that the weather conditions are going to change the style of the wine.

How do I start working with Wine Luthier?

You contact us via the form, by phone +34 674409930 or by email administracion@wineluthier.com  and send us either samples or bottles to our laboratory for analysis.

Once analysed, we will send you a report with visual diagrams, maps, graphs and explanations of the different references, profiles, intensities and similarities. This information can be cross-referenced with sales data, margin information and market segments. Therefore, you will have new, accurate, objective and strategic information to make better management, marketing and pricing decisions.

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